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Penny Templeton Class Scene - This Is Us
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This Is Us (Class Scene, Penny Templeton Studio)

Game of Thrones (Class Scene, Penny Templeton Studio)

Batman (Class Scene, Penny Templeton Studio)

Winter Passing (Class Scene, Penny Templeton Studio)

Lost In Translation (Class Scene, Penny Templeton Studio)


(What people are saying about working with Katherine Black)


"I have worked with Katherine Black since 2017. It has been a tremendous honor seeing Katherine grow in the area of a Voice Talent. She won supporting actress for the "Pull: Expanse" and did an incredible performance. She always produces Top quality delivery in narrative or voice over formats. I highly recommend her to work with."

           - Coreetta Buchan: Writer and Director "The Pull Trilogy" and " The Trials of Folklore Series"

"Katherine Black is one of the most versatile, and professional voice actresses I have ever worked with. She can take direction and surprise you with original takes on specific lines and character reads."

          - Carl J. Grasso: Writer and Director of The Hall of Shadows Series "Mr. SnuggleButt" and "The CareTaker," and Audiophiles Podcasts "Mytho's on the Train"




"Katherine was 1st heroine of my film. Unfortunately i had to shoot the film right after Sandy storm & had deadlines to submit my project. All credit goes to Katherine for showing up for my shoot. It only shows her dedication & commitment for the Art.

After working my school project i repeated her with my other short film 'Love Expired' for which she stepped out of her comfort zone to live the character. Can't wait to work with her again, She's a darling to work with."

       - Vinay Pujara: Writer, Director, Editor and Producer "Living with Imperfection" NYU film and

         "Love Expired"


"Katherine Black, the most driven, dedicated, and hardworking actress that I have seen in years.  Katherine is someone who I can always depend on to deliver a powerful performance."

        - Edwin Golubiewski: Director and Playwriter "And Still You May Not Know"


"Katherine is an inspirational beauty. She was punctual, professional and patient with her behind schedule director. A real treat to direct and spend time with. I will work with her again someday."

        - Wil Mejias: Director and Writer "Snakes vs Mongoose" webseries


"It all started when i worked with Katherine in the teaser trailer of my upcoming web series "Amazon Rage: Curse of the She-Wolf" and a video downloadable site "Were-Creature Videos" for 3 years. She is fun, professional and really easy to work with. Also i hope to work with her more in the future."

         - Alexis Ramirez: Writer and Director "Amazon Rage: Curse of the She Wolf" webseries and

           "Were-Creature" video

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