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  Katherine Louise Black was born in New York City, April 9, 1984 and raised in the Westchester Suburbs. She has a Bachelor's degree in Theater and Drama with a Dance minor from Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont in 2007. She is currently studying at Penny Templeton Studio where she has completed the Advanced On Camera and Script Analysis classes and is presently taking Penny Templeton's Master Class.
  Katherine has a speech disability but acting has helped her overcome this obstacle. "When I get adjustments in class or during rehearsal, it enables me to transcend the challenges when I am on stage or in front of the camera." She loves to immerse herself in her roles and explore the character's process. She is also an experienced dancer and has performed with various dance groups. She says, "When I dance, it feels like I am performing sign language with movement so people can understand the story." Since 2010, she has been focused more on her acting training.
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